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Proven Course of Academic Excellence


ISN believes that the process of learning is as important as the end result. The curriculum focuses not only on the acquisition of knowledge, but also on the development of critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. We believe in honoring the unique qualities of each child and the importance of a curriculum that develops the child’s positive self-image, establishes English language skills, encourages creativity, and develops critical thinking abilities. We believe that children learn by being involved in the learning process and by experiencing the world around them with teachers who are sensitive and qualified to meet their needs.



A Commitment to High Standards


When schools claim that they are “accredited”, what does this really mean and how does this directly benefit the students?

ISN was inspected, evaluated, and received accreditation from two external educational entities:  The Council of International Schools (CIS) in Europe AND the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in the United States.  ISN is also recognized as an official Montessori Early Childhood  School.

Having an accreditation means that a school is committed to continuously improve ALL aspects of their operations.  They invite external agencies to verify that what a school claims is really taking place each day.


To receive our accreditation the following takes place:

Inspection teams come from international agencies to conduct a “joint” inspection of the school every 2 years.

Inspectors observe teachers to assess optimal teaching methodologies used in the classroom, and subsequently ensure that teachers remain up-to-date with best teaching practices.

Inspectors work with staff to ensure the curriculum is aligned and rigorous.

Inspectors meet with random parents, students, teachers, and staff to interview them about their satisfaction with the school’s performance, culture, and beliefs.

The accreditation agencies evaluate and ensure that the school continually improves and modernizes.  

The school uses international assessments (ISA Testing) to verify the student’s progress against other international schools.

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