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Preparing for a Lifetime of Success:  Grades 6 - 12

Academic excellence in the Middle and High Schools is promoted through instruction that is both rigorous and highly supportive. Building on skills taught in the Elementary School grades, students are introduced to new concepts in science, math, history, language arts, and foreign languages. Classes are taught by a caring and dedicated instructors who understand the dramatic changes associated with this period of life.  Our academic curriculum, combined with our offerings in sports, arts, music, and technology, is supported by our dedication to help students reach their full potential and transform their education at ISN into a lifetime of success.

Digital Learning & Digital Citizenship 

The integration of technology in our classes and coursework is both natural and purposeful. Students have access to technological resources which they use not only for research but also for creating and presenting their own contributions to academic discourse. Teachers help students integrate different presentation programs and movie editing software into individual as well as group projects working from school and home. ISN students are taught to evaluate information thoughtfully and to use technology to enhance their academic experience. 

We have a commitment to prepare students for the fast and ever changing cyberspace they are immersed in and to help them develop their own digital citizenship. As such, students in the Middle and High Schools are provided opportunities to reflect on how the regular use of technology can both positively and negatively impact their well-being, and to use technology in a way that reflects our school's core values.




Our commitment to foster students’ critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and intellectual curiosity is supported by real-world focus and applications in class, by engaging projects and class activities, by the use of diverse tools for teaching and learning, and teachers' capacity of creating meaningful learning experiences that enhance clarity and check for understanding.

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Curriculum Subjects Mid&High


The Foundation of Critical Thinking Through Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

The Middle School program focuses on grammar and syntax, or the way linguistic elements are put together to form phrases and clauses.  The writing process is reviewed and used by students who write different kinds of essays, such as descriptive, compare/contrast, and persuasive.  The students are also exposed to poetry; they learn its elements, read poems by different authors and write their own.  In sixth grade, the students’ original poems, together with each child’s biography, are collected in a booklet which is then illustrated and colored by the students themselves. In the reading program, students explore different genres and actively participate in discussing essential questions.

High school  students learn to use written English in a variety of genres, from persuasion to literary analysis, and learn to express themselves orally in small groups and whole class presentations. Junior and senior classes at the school study British literature from the Anglo Saxon period up to the postmodern period as well as comparative analyses to European literature.  Students engage in various types of activities such as debating, acting, film-making, writing blogs, preparing public service messages in print and video, literature analyses, and research. They also interact with Italian and American students through the Italy Reads project with John Cabot University.  By the end of senior year, students will have developed a strong repertoire of writing and critical reading skills as well as a demonstrated confidence in their own writing voice.

ISN students learn the foundations of how to think critically, work collaboratively, and act boldly—a skill set necessary to develop their maximum potential for the 21st century.

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