Our virtual community.

ISN has developed short and long-range Technology Plans for the school in order to prepare our students for the digital future.  We believe in the power of technology to enhance education and build virtual bridges that connect our entire community. Our technology program prepares students to address the technical challenges of an ever-changing world, while helping to inform parents about their child’s education. 

Technology is an important part of instruction at our school, being fully integrated into the curriculum and used as a natural component of all classes. Our computer science program is offered to students in 1st through 12th grade.

"Our IT program represents our commitment to create a connected, knowledge sharing community that lives beyond the boundaries of the physical school space."

Supporting teaching & learning.

Through our computer lab, classroom computers, and digital boards, students gain access to technology resources in both the lower and upper grades. Computer use is integrated with classroom lessons and activities, enabling students to develop the skills they need for college and the workplace. Our technology curriculum also includes important lessons on acceptable use, computer ethics, and the impact of technology on society. Through ongoing training for students, faculty, and staff, our school aims to constantly improve our digital potential.

Connecting our community.

Providing home-based and remote access – our School Portal System gives students and parents quick and easy Internet-based access to schedules, grades, and lesson plans. We regularly update our website and social media platforms with photos, latest news, and calendar listings, so that every member of The ISN community can feel connected and involved wherever they may be.

Enhancing school operations.

Our school benefits from technology initiatives that increase communication among departments and staff while reducing administrative redundancies. As a result of these initiatives, ISN is better organized, more efficient, and able to focus more of its resources on providing students with a superb scholastic experience.

G Suite for Our Entire School

ISN has established agreements with Google and is one of the few educational institutions in the Campania Region to offer G Suite for Education (formerly Google for Education). Teachers and students utilize Google Classroom for assignments, projects, research, and regular class management and communication.

Mac Computer Lab

Our school is equipped with a Mac Computer Lab for all students from Primary Years to High School.  Students in grades 1 through 12 have regular computer science class integrated into their curriculum and weekly schedule.

Promethean Digital Learning Boards

Our classrooms are equipped with Promethean Digital Learning Boards that are supported by leading edge software to provide students an engaging and interactive learning experience at school.

iGrade Online Portal for Students

Students grades, reports, homework and regular calendar are available for students and parents through our online school portal.  Our portal also acts as a communication venue between parents and teachers.

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IT Courses:

Middle & High School

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Computer Science Course:

Elementary, Middle and Highschool

The Computer Science Curriculum will give students essential knowledge and skills necessary to access, manage, evaluate, use and create information using digital resources. Students will develop keyboarding skills, use the computer as a means of research, communication with others, problem solving, planning and producing well presented documents, slides and spreadsheets.

From learning how to gather, analyze, interpret and synthesize information, to learning how do develop presentations through innovative approaches, and finally understanding the effects of technology development and use on social, ethical and human issues, our IT classes address the specific as well as the conceptual applications of technology in our world and culture.

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