Caring for the whole child.

A true and sincere commitment to helping students reach their full potential cannot exclude the exercise of effective pastoral care because the development of the emotional, cognitive and social aspects of a student’s life are fundamental components to their overall development and capacity to learn and thrive in life. 


Caring for the wellbeing of each individual student is weaved into our attitude, our philosophy, our program, and all that we do at ISN. Our Pastoral Care Program integrates policy and practices throughout all our school operations in a way that promotes students' personal and social development and fosters positive attitudes. 

Our commitment to excellence in education is matched by our commitment to foster the physical health, social competence and emotional resilience of our students.

Our School Principles

Our school principles of being safe, kind and respectful and responsible is shared with all students, teachers and parents in order to create a simple code of conduct for the entire school community.  These principles were made part of the teaching and learning of the school. Everyone at ISN is responsible for permeating these principles throughout our school community.  

Classroom Meetings & “Voice Boxes”

Daily class meetings are held where students could discuss with their peers and teachers any issues or concerns they may have.  Each classroom has a small box called the “Voice Box” where students can anonymously leave notes with messages, suggestions, issues, or concerns for possible discussion during morning meetings.  This is intended to convey the message that every student’s voice and opinion counts and will be heard as applicable. 

“Talk-Time with Dr. Elvia”

In an effort to provide a comprehensive educational program, ISN offers Guidance Counselor services, provided by the School Psychologist.  The Guidance Counselor’s Office is a welcoming place where students can come to talk about typical needs, doubts and/or questions pertaining to a child’s personal, social and emotional development. It aims to promote and advocate overall student wellbeing and to prevent possible discomforts.

All counseling or discussions with the School Counselor will always take place within the school and will not have a therapeutic scope but will simply be an opportunity to listen to the children.  This service is provided mainly for the student body and any needs they may have. However, it is also available for parents and staff who would like to discuss any concerns pertaining to a student. These services will be open only to students that return an authorization form signed by both parents.

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Elements of ISN’s Pastoral Care Program include:

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Shaping our children of today

for our global community of tomorrow.

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Located in the ex Nato base in Bagnoli  


+39 081 7628429 

Authorized to function as a foreign school in Italy as per law DPR 18/04/1994, n. 389. With Prot. 085/A1 dated 31/01/2003.

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