Deborah Kiley

Vice Principal

Ms. Kiley recently joined the ISN team from the US in 2015 with a decade of teaching and educational leadership experience in both the US public and international private school sectors.  With a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Phoenix, Arizona, she began her teaching career as an Elementary school teacher in Harrisonburg, Virginia.   

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Welcome from the Vice Principal and Curriculum Coordinator.  In this role, I oversee the development and review of the curriculum for all grades levels from Kindergarten - 12th grade across all subject areas.  As the curriculum coordinator of ISN, I strive to ensure that we continuously offer a high quality and rigorous education that prepares our children for the future. More importantly however, my focus is on providing an inspiring education which puts students first, fuels their curiosity to learn, and creates engaged thinkers as opposed to good test-takers.  At ISN we ensure that our teachers are utilizing 21st century best teaching practices. However, I firmly believe in encouraging and enabling teachers to be risk-takers and to want to create that magic in their classrooms which is where learning truly occurs.  At ISN, we want to expand and improve our traditional methods of teaching by injecting it with dynamic creativity and child-centered learning.  The world keeps changing and with it we must all also be open to changing the way we think, teach, and learn. Come and be a part of our learning community at ISN.