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ISN Bulldogs School Store

We are pleased to announce that ISN hosted the Grand Opening of the “Bulldog” Student Store. This event was organized by the Student Council and at this time, students had the opportunity to enjoy cake and drinks, and were able to place their orders to buy their preferred ISN “Bulldog” apparel. A SKILLS-BUILDING ENTERPRISE More than just a place to shop, our school store is also a great opportunity to boost students' academic and life skills through real entrepreneurial experience. Students will need to apply collaborative, cooperative, and decision-making skills as they will be 100% responsible for managing business operations, marketing, inventory, cash exchanges and sales. The proceeds of the store will go to the Student Council Treasury and the students will collectively decide how to spend the profits.

  • OPERATING HOURS: The Student Store will be open in the mornings before class, during break, lunch, and after school until 3:30. At this time, students may visit the store to see and order “Bulldog” articles.

  • ITEMS FOR SALE: The store will offer items that promote our ISN community and “School Pride”. These include:

  • 1) Bulldog Uniform Items: white polos, PE t-shirts, and blue sweatshirts & hoodies,

  • 2) Bulldog Fridays Items: a variety of Bulldog apparel that can be worn on fridays (and out of school hours)

  • 3) Bulldog School Supplies and Gadgets: these items are coming soon and the store staff will be sure to update students and parents when new items are available.

  • HOW TO BUY FROM THE STORE: Students & parents can order their items directly at the school store. We will soon have a dedicated website to showcase all items.

  • PROCEEDS MANAGED BY THE STUDENTS: The revenue generated by the student store will be utilized for purposes decided by the student body, via their student council.

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