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Simona Bassano di Tufillo


My name is Simona Bassano di Tufillo, and I was born and raised in Naples. I have been the Art and Art History teacher at ISN for the past 6 years. I have a vast background in the Arts with two degrees with honors; one from the D.A.M.S. (Disciplina delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo - Art/Music/Theatre) and another degree in Graphic Arts from the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Naples.  Following my degrees I also attained two Masters in the field of the Arts related to Cultural Heritage and attained my Cambridge English Language Teaching Qualification (TKT). 

I am an award winning Ceramics professional recognized by the Real Fabbrica della Porcellana di Capodimonte.  I also develop Graphic Projects and I am a published cartoonist in Italy and France (Publishers: Donzelli, Rome; Lavieri, CE; La Martinière, Paris; éditions du Dauphin, Paris). I received honorary citizenship by the town of Tufillo for the social commitment expressed in my comics. I love to share my love for art in all its forms. 

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Imma Marini

Physical Education

My name is Imma Marini. I am Italian. I started doing ballet and gymnastics at the age of six. I realized my love for sports early on and decided that was the path I wanted to go down. After acquiring a diploma in Dance, I started teaching Modern, Contemporary and Hip Hop dance in 1989. I realized I wanted to be a teacher and went on to get my degree in physical education from ISEF Naples. In 1994, I started teaching P.E. at the ISN. I enjoy teaching students aerobics, functional training, spinning, zumba, and postural stretching. Over the years I have attended  workshops around the world to increase my knowledge in sports, dance and fitness. As well as teach, I have managed and directed different sports centers and dance schools in the Naples area.

Mario De Salsi

Physical Education

My name is Mario De Salsi. I am Italian. I have a Physical Education degree from ISEF in Naples. I have been teaching P.E. at ISN since 1994. I am a certified instructor for Spinning, TRX training, and EIPASS. I also have my lifeguard licence and Dive Master certificate. My goal is to have the students learn all the basic skills necessary to execute, to the best of their ability, all the activities we cover in class.  This includes our fitness program and sports games, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball, and kickball.

Maria Eleonora Bonnici

Computing and Technology

My name is Maria Eleonora Bonnici and I am a British-Italian citizen. I have lived and  taught in both countries. I have attended courses from the Open University in Information Technology and Computing.  My first teaching experience was in Penarth, S. Wales, teaching Italian to students from 3rd grade to 6th grade for the Italian Consulate in St. Joseph Primary School. I taught there until 1999 when I came back to Italy. Once back in Italy I started to teach ESL at a private British School. In 2002, I was hired as the Computer Science Teacher at ISN and have been here ever since. Over the years I have accumulated a huge wealth of experiences that has made me richer and more passionate about my job.  Students push me to challenge them even further, making the teacher/student relationship friendly, exciting, and above all satisfying.

Concetta Andreozzi

Early Childhood Education Assistant

Hello my name is Concetta Andreozzi. I am an Italian. My experience with children started after receiving my Teacher Training diploma. I was a first grade substitute teacher at a Montessori school when I was inspired by the Montessori educational approach. I attended a seminar on Early Childhood Education. I have been working as an educational assistance since 2008. I joined the ISN in 2011 as the Pre-school assistant. I believe school should be a happy and peaceful environment where children can grow and learn to be independent.

Alexandra Heaton

Elementary School Assistant

My name is Alexandra Heaton. I was born in England, was brought up in Africa living in Zaire, Swaziland and finished my education in South Africa. I received my high school diploma from the Johannesburg Art, Ballet, Drama and Music School and thereafter completed early childhood development courses following the Reggio Childhood Philosophy.  The Reggio Emilia Philosophy of Education is an internationally recognized approach that centers on student interests, the different ways kids learn and involving parents as co-learners. I have been a teaching assistant in the elementary school at ISN since 2005 and  believe that all children should be nurtured into becoming happy, self-sufficient young adults. 


Prior to joining ISN I received both the Teachers and Dancers Diploma from the Royal Academy of dance methods, and am a member of the Imperial Association of Teachers of Dance. Professionally, I danced for the P.A.C.T. Ballet company at the Pretoria State Theatre, I danced with Eileen Langman from the Royal Ballet and was accepted into the London City Dance Academy.

Roberta Piccirillo

Elementary School Assistant

My name is Roberta Piccirillo, and I am a dual national US/Italian citizen born in Naples.  I attended American military schools across Europe and lived in the United States for 4 years. I have been working as a teacher assistant in bilingual schools throughout Naples for seven years also training and working with Montessori teachers. Being my first year at ISN, I look forward to an exciting year and I hope to make your child’s experience memorable.  I have a sincere passion for working with children and most of all enjoy exploring, learning, and having fun with them.

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Erica Cirillo


Hello! I am Erica Cirillo, I was born in London and raised in Naples and have been teaching English as a Second Language since 2001. I am a qualified English as a Second Language teacher, having taken my teaching certification through the University of Cambridge Local Exam Syndicate in 2000. I took my specialization in teaching young learners in 2004. Since 2008, I am a Cambridge Speaking examiner holding exams yearly. I have been teaching ESL at the ISN since 2013.


My teaching experiences have a wide range. I started in Italian State High School participating in numerous European funded projects aimed at exposing students to innovative English learning methods and finalized to the Cambridge Exams. My teaching experience also includes teaching in several University Faculties in Naples such as Medicine, Ophthalmology and the Art Academy. Furthermore I held Content and Language Integrated Learning courses finalized to International Certifications for Public High School Teachers.

Toni Cozzolino

ESL and Host Nation

My name is Antonietta Cozzolino and I was born in Naples, Italy. I received  a Degree in Languages and European Modern Literature from the University of Naples, Federico II, in 1995. I acquired a teaching qualification from the Provveditorato agli Studi di Salerno in Teaching English as a Second Language in Middle and High School. I have been teaching English and French since I was a senior in High School. From 2000 to 2004 I worked in an international environment for the University of La Verne, testing and placing Italian students in various levels for English courses. In 2009, I started teaching Host Nation and ESL at the ISN.

I have always had a passion and propensity for teaching. I am creative, outgoing, patient, as well as precise; these are qualities I believe are helpful in being a teacher. Besides acquiring new languages and travelling, I love dancing flamenco and organizing performances. I also enjoy playing the guitar and jogging. My students have always been exposed to my interests, which I believe can only make them more interested in the subjects I teach.

Maria Emilia Buonaiuto


My name is Maria Emilia Buonaiuto. I am an Italian with a passion for French. My first teaching job was in France where I’ve lived for over 3 years and where I was able to experience new multicultural environments, take on new challenges, adapt to new standards, and work with people from different backgrounds. After returning to Italy, I began teaching French and English in the Italian State high schools. In 2010, I started teaching French and Italian to grades six through twelve at the ISN. Teaching at ISN has given me the opportunity to celebrate different cultures in an environment where the values of global citizenship are promoted and developed in young people. When I am not teaching I enjoy reading, painting, and traveling.

Francesco Aiello


My name is Francesco Aiello. I am an Italian that was born on the same day as Woody Allen, to whom I envy a great amount of movies. I have a degree in philosophy with a thesis on the semiotics of cinema. During my university years, thanks to several scholarships, I was able to spend two years in France studying philosophy and working as an Italian teacher for foreigners. Through my various experiences in France, I learned how to be patient and how to related to others. 

I have been teaching Italian language and culture to foreigners at ISN for the past 4 years. In my free time I occasionally collaborate as a journalist, writing about cultural subjects. I have grown professionally by studying, researching, and working for CNR in protection of cultural heritage; I believe that beauty has to be shared in order to be meaningful. 

Julie Azoulay

Italian / French

My name is Julie Azoulay. For the past three years I have been teaching Italian and French at the ISN. French with Italian origins, I always had a passion for Italy and its beautiful language. I graduated with an Italian Language, Literature and Culture degree in 2008 from the University of Montpellier (France), with the intent of approaching my roots and teaching this subject to foreigners. In 2011, I obtained a Master in Cultural Mediation and International Communication from the University of Nantes, France.  

I moved to Italy 9 years ago and have been teaching French in several Italian State schools since 2008. In 2009, I became a DELF examiner (oral and written exams from A1 to B2 level) and now prepare students for the certification. Over the years of teaching I have come to understand my focus on teaching and I base my methods on a balance between discipline and good relationships. I believe that for students living in Italy, it is certainly important to learn the Italian language in order to be part of the community. I also believe that French remains one of the most important languages in Europe and the rest of the world, therefore, it is important for students to learn if they want to be global citizens.

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